Unless otherwise specified, a membership will be automatically renewed each month, on a month-to-month basis. Members are financially responsible for all associated renewal fees until notice of cancellation is received.


Cancellations are not retroactive. Therefore, if a member cancels after their membership month has commenced, the member will not be entitled to a refund for that membership month. Cancellations do not become effective until the starting date of the member's next membership month. A membership month begins on the numbered date when a member subscribes or renews their membership (e.g. November 30) and concludes on the day before that numbered date for each successive month after (e.g. December 29, January 29th etc.) unless that numbered date does not exist in a successive month (e.g. February 29th) in which case, the closest preceding numbered date in the successive month will be used (e.g. February 28).

A member may only cancel by the following method:

e-mail: by sending an e-mail to info(the at sign)inchargelife.com expressly indicating within the body of the message, the member's unequivocal request to cancel. The message must clearly indicate exactly which products or services the member wishes to have cancelled. The message must include the member's first and last name, user name and e-mail address. In Charge Life will not accept or recognize requests to cancel that do not comply with the requirements herein.

Please note that In Charge Life will not accept or open any e-mail communications that include attachments.


You should check the content of this Privacy Policy periodically for changes as InChargeLife reserves the right to make such changes, without notice to you. By using this website after such changes have been made and posted you agree to accept those changes, whether you have reviewed them or not. If at any time, you do not agree to these Privacy Policies, your sole remedy is to discontinue use of this website. Any use or continuation of use of this Website is deemed to be your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

InChargeLife takes care to respect the privacy of its online users [both visitors and members]. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, there are two categories of information provided to InChargeLife by online users: personal information and non-personal information. 'Personal information' is information that identifies the user and includes: names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. All other information is deemed to be 'non-personal'.

Personal information is collected by InChargeLife only when voluntarily disclosed by the user. In situations where InChargeLife requires personal information in order to provide members with customized services or where this information is needed to inform users about new features or services, InChargeLife will provide notice to the user by expressly requesting that such information be provided. The user is never obligated to provide personal information. However, some services offered by InChargeLife are unavailable unless personal information is provided.

InChargeLife requests personal information when you subscribe for some of our services. This information may include: your name, email address, and other non-personal information in order to provide you with a customized personal health management system. InChargeLife will not voluntarily disclose any of your personal information unless you authorize us to disclose, the law requires disclosure or disclosure is necessary to protect the rights or property of InChargeLife.

Any non-personal information or material a user discloses or provides to InChargeLife by mail, telephone, fax or Internet electronic mail or other mode of communication or transmission is deemed to be provided on a non-confidential basis. InChargeLife will be free to use and reproduce any such information freely, and for any purpose. For example, InChargeLife reserves the right to use comments provided by users or participants on websites, bulletin boards, chat rooms and in the newsletter for the purposes of promotion and marketing. Specifically, InChargeLife will be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such information for any purpose including, but not limited to: developing, manufacturing or marketing of products. Any information the user discloses or submits to InChargeLife must be truthful, legal, and not violate the rights of others. However, InChargeLife makes no warranties or representations as to the veracity or legality of such information.

Our Internet websites collect non-personal information from online users in order to track the total of number of visitors to the site in aggregate form and identify the type of Internet browser [e.g., Google Chrome®; Internet Explorer® ] and operating system [e.g., Windows®, Macintosh®, etc.] used by the visitor. This information allows InChargeLife to continuously improve our websites. Personal information is not collected in this tracking process.

All users are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of their passwords and account information.

Be aware that there is always some risk involving breaches of privacy or security when transferring information via the Internet. Therefore, notwithstanding this Privacy Policy, InChargeLife cannot guarantee or warranty the privacy or security of any information you or any user transmits using this or any website maintained by InChargeLife. Consequently, any transmission of information is done at your own risk.

Bulletin Boards & Chat Rooms

Our Support Areas may have bulletin board formats that provide our members with the opportunity to communicate with other members or InChargeLife staff to exchange experiences and provide advice or suggestions for the use and development of InChargeLife's products and services. Visitors may also access these forums and interact with our online community of members.

Our Privacy Policy does not apply when users [both members and visitors] access or use our bulletin boards, chat rooms or any other public forum provided by InChargeLife. If you provide information about yourself, including personal information which may identify you or your whereabouts while accessing or using our bulletin boards, chat rooms or any other public forum provided by InChargeLife, you do so at your own risk.

You may be offered the opportunity to include your e-mail address with your message but you are not obligated to do so. Our bulletin boards, chat rooms and other public forum areas may or may not be monitored by InChargeLife to prevent inappropriate messages from being posted. Although InChargeLife reserves the right to remove any postings in these forums without notice, InChargeLife is not obligated to remove postings that you or any other member, visitor or user may find offensive or objectionable.

InChargeLife makes no representations or warranties in relation to the accuracy, completeness, veracity or legality of any information communicated or posted on any bulletin board, chat room or other public forum. InChargeLife shall not be liable for damages or consequences of any kind associated with the use, misuse or inability to access any bulletin board, chat room or other public forum.

Any information you provide on our bulletin boards, in our chat rooms or any other public forum provided by InChargeLife becomes the property of InChargeLife. InChargeLife will be free to use and reproduce any such information freely and for any purpose. InChargeLife will not sell e-mail addresses from our bulletin boards.


'Cookies' are pieces of information that Internet websites transfer to your computer's hard drive for record-keeping purposes. The use of cookies is now an industry standard and they can be found on almost all major websites.

InChargeLife may track your visit to this website by giving you a cookie when you enter. InChargeLife uses cookies to make visiting our websites easier. Cookies also help InChargeLife to track user trends.

In addition, third party advertising networks may issue cookies when serving advertisements. InChargeLife may use third party advertising companies to serve ads on this website or other websites maintained by InChargeLife. These third parties may employ cookies or similar devices such as, 'action tags', 'gifs' or 'web beacons' to measure advertising effectiveness. Generally, information collected through the use of these devices is anonymous.

A Special Note to Parents and Caregivers

InChargeLife cares about children and their families. Whenever children use computers, parents and caregivers should supervise their activities responsibly. Parents and caregivers must be especially diligent when children use the Internet, email, and other online services.

InChargeLife will only offer products and services to those persons represented to be over twelve [12] years of age. However, because some of the products and services offered by InChargeLife are accessible and obtainable via the Internet, InChargeLife cannot guarantee that its products and services are not being ordered or used by persons who are actually twelve [12] years of age or younger. It is the responsibility of parents and caregivers to ensure that only those persons who are actually over twelve [12] years of age are ordering and using InChargeLife's products and services. Consequently, InChargeLife shall not be liable for damages or consequences of any kind arising from the use of InChargeLife's products or services by persons twelve [12] years of age or younger.

Parents and caregivers must also be diligent in monitoring children's access to credit cards, as products and services offered by InChargeLife can be purchased with credit cards. The credit card holder will be responsible for any unauthorized use by anyone including children.

Products and Services

InChargeLife reserves the right to change or discontinue any of its products or services without notice to you.

Sale of Business

InChargeLife reserves the right to transfer any or all information collected on this or any other website maintained by InChargeLife to a third party in the event of a sale, merger, or other transfer of all of substantially all of the assets of InChargeLife provided that the third party agrees to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

Legal Jurisdiction

Any disputes regarding the terms and conditions contained herein shall be governed by the laws of British Columbia. Any legal action against InChargeLife must commence and proceed in the British Columbia.

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