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Sals Fitness

Sal’s Fitness Club Terms and Conditions of Membership

Membership Fees and Policies – This agreement is a legally binding obligation, and the member agrees that in signing below.  S/he will be financially responsible for all fees due and owing during the length of the membership. The Club reserves the right to terminate the membership for any reason, including but not limited to the member failing to make payments, follow club rules, or conduct him / herself in a reasonable manner in consideration of the safety and enjoyment of other club members. If the club terminates the membership, all pre-paid dues shall be returned to the member within 30 days of termination.

Month to Month Membership – The member may cancel this at any time by not making the next installment, or notify the club immediately.  All fees are paid for the full month and NO pro – rated refund for early and / or mid-month cancellations will be issued.

Cancellations of annual memberships – 30 days' notice of cancellation of membership must be provided to the club after the 1-year contract has expired.  Early cancellation will result in a cancellation fee of 3 months of monthly fees.

Member Relocation – Cancellation of membership due to relocation requires proof of relocation and 30 days' notice.  No cancellation fee will be charged.

Increase in Fees – After the initial 1-year term, the Club may increase the monthly fee payable. The club shall provide written notice to the member of the new monthly fees at least 45 days prior to the increase. If the member rejects the new monthly fee, s/he must give written notice of cancellation. If the member fails to provide notice, s/he shall be deemed to have accepted the new monthly fee and the monthly installment deducted from the members account will be charged accordingly.

Risks and Liability – It is agreed that all use of the facilities shall be undertaken by you at your own risk. The Club shall not be liable for any injuries to a member or guest, or their property, whether lost, damaged or stolen. Member hereby waives all claims now or in the future against the Club or any of its directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, successors, assigns, and independent contractors for any loss, damages, injury or expense that may be suffered as a result of the members participation in Club activities, or any cause whatsoever occurring on or near the Club. The member acknowledges there are risks associated with strength, flexibility and aerobic exercise, including the use of equipment.  The member understands they are voluntarily participating in these activities and using equipment and machinery with knowledge of the danger involved.
The member is solely responsible for consulting a health care provider for medical advice concerning and health risks associated with physical activities. The member hereby acknowledges that she/he are in good health and not suffering from any conditions, impairments, disease or other illness that would prevent their participation or use of equipment or machinery. If the member is under rehabilitation, the member shall follow the physician's direction at all times. 

Rules and Regulations – Code of Conduct - The member shall conduct him/herself in a manner that is considerate of the safety and well-being of others, which includes but is not limited to wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, and refraining from actions which are dangers to the public. Member agrees to wipe down equipment after use, clean up after themselves including their washroom use and to ensure no discomfort is caused for the next members use. Use of profanity, derogatory terms, and any other forms of disrespect to other members are not permitted. Spitting in the facility is not permitted. The member herby acknowledges and agrees to the terms of the rules and regulations schedule given to the club member

Hours of Operation - 24/7 - Facility will not be staffed all hours.  Sal’s Fitness has the right to change staffing hours from time to time as they deem necessary. 

Access – Members are granted access with their FOB based on the membership that they choose to pay for. IE, 24hr versus regular hours. Members are NOT allowed to allow access to any other person/club member. If another member’s FOB, key tag, etc. does not work (their account may be past due OR they may not have 24hr access OR the FOB may have been lost and deactivates as examples), the member unable to access the facility are to contact management from the contact numbers provided on the facility doors. If a member allows anyone access to the facility, the Club has the right to revoke their membership.

Member Check In – Members must use the FOB system at the 2 doorways to gain access. All members upon entering the facility are required to chick-in/scan in at the main counter upon each visit.

Emergency Response – In the event of an emergency, whether it is health, physical injury, fire, etc. a phone is on the wall of the gym and a posting or pertinent phone numbers beside the phone to call.

Rear Emergency Exit – The rear emergency exit is alarmed and video recorded. The rear exit is only for emergency exit! Any improper use of this exit can result in termination of membership.

Age – NO person under the age of 18 is permitted in the facility outside of staffed hours.

Live Video Recording Notice – While on the premises of the club, you are granting your permission to be filmed, videotaped, audiotaped or photographed by any means and are granting full use of your likeness, voice and words without compensation. The purpose of the video cameras are for the sole purpose of safety, security, damage prevention to the Club’s property and to confirm members compliance with the Rules and Regulations. There will be no filming in the Club’s washrooms at any time.

FOB Deposit Notice – Your club key (FOB, key tag, etc.) is given to you as a membership privilege. The key is the property of The Club. You will be charged a $20.00 refundable deposit at time of signup. If the key is lost, stolen or damaged, there will be a $20.00 replacement fee.  If the key is not returned to Sal’s Fitness Inc. at the end of your membership, you will not be refunded the $20.00 deposit.

Equipment Malfunctions – Member understands the equipment may, from time to time, be out of order and labelled as such. When proprietary factory parts must be ordered, some units may be out of order for several weeks. When this occurs, the member agrees to follow a regulated substitute program and not use the defective equipment. IF a member discovers a piece of equipment is defective or needs attention, the member is to report it VIA the reporting method posted on the wall.

Amendments of Rules – The club reserves the right to change and / or add to these rules as it may be necessary for safe and proper management of the facility and its programs. Any such changes will be posted in the club and may be emailed to members as well.

Warranties – Member agrees that no warranties, representations, agreements, fitness for a purpose otherwise, expressed or implied, were made to member except for those written herein or in writing, signed by an officer of the corporation owing the club.

Incidental Programs and Services – Member acknowledges the purchase of a membership in a physical fitness facility. Club may provide programs, exercise classes, services or equipment related to physical fitness and may not be required to continue any particular program or service as part of its contractual obligations herein and may change, or modify at its discretion, without recourse by member.


Member caused Damages – Any member found to cause any form of damages to the facility, equipment or other members property will result in the member being charged to repair/replace such damages and the revoking of their membership if deemed necessary. This may be by charging the valid credit card on file, by taking the member to court or by using law enforcement, depending on the severity of the damages. Video recording of the incident will also be saved and shared as required.



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