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Women’s Fitness of Boston
27 School Street
Boston, MA 02108



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Trial Start Date: June 16, 2019 

*Trial offers may not be combined. Clients may select 30 Day Trial Option OR One Week Trial Offer. No two offers may be combined. Rules, polices, regulations and prices are subjects to changes without notice. Trial offers are reserved for New England Residents/Local College Students.

Trial includes Unlimited Fitness classes, complete club access, access to locker room (lock and key included), bath towel service, complimentary hand towels, plus a free 30 minute consultation with a WFOB personal trainer! *pay classes/Team Functional Training (TFT) sessions excluded

The undersigned warrants and acknowledges that they are in good physical condition and are able to utilize Women’s Fitness of Boston (WFoB) equipment, facilities and perform the exercises available at WFoB. The undersigned also agrees to use the facilities and equipment of WFoB in a safe and responsible manner, to ask a WFoB staff member for instruction on the proper use of all equipment and method of exercise(s). In addition, the undersigned agrees to warm up properly prior to beginning any exercise program and to use the equipment in a manner in which they were intended. The undersigned also agrees to use caution, common sense, and safety when selecting the type of machine, exercise, or amount of weight used during their workout at WFoB. 


I am willingly having my picture taken and give your permission to use my picture in print, online, or for any other future social media and promotional purposes for Women’s Fitness of Boston. I agree to be fully responsible for my own participation, and hold WFOB or representatives harmless from any liability from the use of my picture. I also consent the use of my name, picture, and any other information about me that would be beneficial to the purpose of promotion, publicity, or any other related organization. (Please note - Announcements are made prior to any pictures being taken).


*Trial offers may not be combined. Clients may select 30-Day Trial or One Week Trial Offer. Must be New England Resident/Local College Student. Rules, policies, regulations and prices are subject to change without notice. 

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